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Academic Theses and Dissertations On Right-Wing
92pp – 04/11
Bibliography containing hundreds of masters theses, honors theses, and doctoral dissertations pertaining to right-wing individuals, organizations, and history
Anti-Rockefeller Bibliography
28pp – 04/10
Bibliography which is introduction to publications by right-wing which express conspiratorial arguments against Council on Foreign Relations, the Illuminati or the Rockefeller family.
5pp – 12/09
Concerns expressed by U.S. internal security agencies and authorities about political extremism and ill-informed or mis-informed anti-communists
20pp – 07/09
Personal papers and special collections pertaining to right-wing history which are archived at college and university libraries and other institutions in the United States,
BUNDY, Edgar
12pp – 03/10
Edgar C. Bundy was Executive Secretary of Church League of America (Wheaton IL).  He boasted that CLA had “7,000,000 cross-indexed cards on individuals, organizations and publications which serve the communistic cause in the United States.”  

CLA acquired the files of former FBI Special Agent John G. Keenan as well as the California anti-communist newsletter Toscin.

J.B. Matthews (formerly with the Dies Committee) served as Research Director for CLA during the 1960’s.
Conspiracy Theories…
Nature and Purpose Of
21pp –09/11
This article attempts to summarize what I have learned from 40 years of reading conspiracy literature and debating right-wing conspiracy believers.
13pp – 05/11

Scanned copies of significant documents pertaining to right wing individuals and organizations and their assertions – which are discussed in my various reports.

Also see Chapter 9 of my JBS Report which is "Documentary History of the John Birch Society"
20pp – 08/08
Ex-Soviet spy who defected to the U.S. who is cited by many extreme right adherents as an authoritative and reliable source of information regarding post-Soviet intentions – BUT Golitsyn is described by another ex-communist spy who defected to the U.S. (Michael Goleniewksi) as a “disinformation agent”.  This report illustrates how conspiracy theorists often present mutually exclusive “experts” as credible sources.  This report also quotes extensively from FBI documents which falsify Golitsyn’s position.
79pp – 03/10
An alpha list of most of the FOIA request subjects I have submitted to the FBI and other agencies during the past 30 years.

John Birch Society
as of 
October 2011
Arguably the most successful and influential right-wing conspiracy organization in modern U.S. history.
Part 1 = FBI vs JBS on internal security status
Part 2 = FBI vs JBS on Harry Overstreet
Part 3 = FBI vs JBS on civil rights movement
Part 4 = Right-Wing Critics of JBS
Part 5 = Documentary History of John Birch Society (last URL)
Martin Luther
Highlander Folk School Controversy
18pp – 01/10
Explains how Highlander Folk School came to be described as a “Communist training school” and the people and groups which linked Martin Luther King Jr. to Highlander and communism.
21pp – 02/10
new edition coming 02/12
Mullins was perhaps the most virulent anti-semite in postwar America but he often is referred to as merely “an historian” because of his books on the Federal Reserve.  This report discusses Mullins’ life-long associations with and employment by neo-nazi, racist, and anti-semitic organizations and publications.
10pp – 10/11
Brief introduction to how I became interested in pursuing right-wing history and, in particular, FOIA requests on right-wing individuals, groups, publications, and controversies.
W. Cleon
33pp – 09/09
Former FBI Special Agent W. Cleon Skousen is often cited as an expert about internal security matters because of his 16 year career inside the FBI.  However his assignments during his FBI career were predominantly administrative, and not investigative, plus there are materially important misrepresentations concerning his credentials by his admirers.  This report also presents the adverse judgments made by the FBI about Skousen’s post-FBI endeavors and associations.
20pp – 11/09
Like W. Cleon Skousen, Dan Smoot is also cited as an expert by many right-wing conspiracy believers because of his career in the FBI.  However, like Skousen, Smoot’s credentials are inflated by his admirers. Senior FBI officials thought Smoot’s post-FBI activities wrongly exploited his connection to the Bureau.  He was considered by them to be  a “professional anti-communist”
James W.
16pp – 06/09
This report addresses the comments made by several conservative talk show commentators (such as Rush Limbaugh) which attempted to characterize Von Brunn as a product of “left-wing” ideology.  In reality, Von Brunn spent his entire adulthood linked to and admiring the most extreme right-wing individuals, organizations and ideas in our nation.


In the future I will be posting reports on-line concerning the following subjects:

I plan to write a report which summarizes the content of dozens of FBI monographs pertaining to the CPUSA.  Also, I hope to summarize the data which the Bureau compiled on the CPUSA as an organization, and in related FBI files pertaining to CPUSA membership, finances, security measures, factionalism, party line, publications, strategy and tactics.
Robert DePugh
DePugh founded the 1960’s right-wing paramilitary group The Minutemen.
Kenneth Goff
Goff was intimately associated with several Gerald L.K. Smith enterprises.  Goff headed Soldiers of the Cross and published Pilgrim’s Torch magazine.  In the 1950’s, Goff produced an affidavit which claimed that fluoridation of water supplies was part of a Communist plot to “medicate” our people and make them more docile and compliant to Communist subversion.  Goff is also responsible for distribution of a booklet concerning Communist “Psychopolitics” and “Brainwashing” which received widespread acceptance within right-wing conspiracy circles as a genuine document – but which was a hoax.
John Birch Society
I will greatly expand my existing 88-page report to incorporate considerable new material – including discussion of persons employed by the JBS as speakers whom were presented as “experts” about internal security matters – such as Delmar Dennis, Lola Belle Holmes, Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz. 

I also plan to write two new chapters to discuss the history of racist and anti-semitic incidents within the Birch Society and a chapter which discusses libel lawsuits in which the JBS or its surrogates were involved.

In addition, I am working on a separate project which involves re-typing all 115-pages of the original notes which I took on the FBI main file on the JBS.  My intention is to produce a document in chronological order by FBI serial number so that readers will be able to see the progression of developments which explain why the FBI concluded that the JBS was mis-informing our public and inflaming public sentiment about various subjects in ways that were harmful to legitimate anti-communism.   This project will also incorporate scanned copies of key FBI documents into the text – and – I also plan to add FBI field office material to supplement the HQ file documents.
Eustace Mullins
New revised expanded edition anticipated to be completed and posted online by February 2012
Conspiracy Groups
A future report of mine will discuss some of the more interesting and odd characters, organizations, and publications which have presented the right-wing conspiracy point of view.    For example:

Willis Carto / Liberty Lobby / Liberty and Property, Inc.
Pedro A. Del Valle / Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc.
Myron C. Fagan / Cinema Educational Guild
Edward R. Fields and J.B. Stoner / National States Rights Party
Roy E. Frankhouser / United Klans of America – PA
John W. Hamilton / National Citizens Protective Association
Joseph P. Kamp  / Constitutional Educational League
James Madole / National Renaissance Party
Forrest A. Mann / The Revere newsletter
William H. MacFarland Jr. / Nationalist Action League / American Flag Committee
Conde McGinley / Christian Educational Association / Common Sense newspaper
Robert E. Miles / United Klan of America -- Michigan
Jesse W. Jenkins / National Patrick Henry Organization
Harry W. Pyle  / The Political Reporter
Gerald L.K. Smith / Christian Nationalist Crusade
James Venable / National Knights of the KKK
James K. Warner / New Christian Crusade Church / Sons of Liberty
William B. Wernecke / Nationalist Conservative Party
Francis Parker Yockey
Operation Clean Sweep = Joint effort by FBI, IRS, Justice Department and ATF starting in April 1985 to investigate right-wing, paramilitary and white supremacist organizations

More information:

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As of January 26, 2012 my 157-page Report on the John Birch Society consists of 9 chapters as follows:

Chap #
FBI Evaluations of Robert Welch and the Birch Society –including an introduction to Mr. Welch’s book length “private letter”, entitled The Politician
FBI HQ instructions to FBI field offices regarding Welch, the JBS, and incoming requests for FBI publications from JBS representatives are discussed in three "SAC Letters" reproduced in this Chapter.

FBI vs. JBS on Internal Security Status of United State
Same as above
FBI vs. JBS on Alleged Communist Infiltration of Clergy and Religious Institutions
Same as above
FBI vs. JBS on Alleged Communist Infiltration of the Department of Health, Education, Welfare
Same as above
FBI vs. JBS on Alleged Communist Sympathies of Harry A. Overstreet, author of the 1958 book, What We Must Know About Communism
FBI vs. JBS on Civil Rights Movement in the United States Includes discussion of:
  • Communist strategy regarding “Negro Soviet Republic”
  • Alan Stang’s 1965 JBS-published book,It’s Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights
  • Highlander Folk School described by the JBS as a “Communist Training School”
  • Gary Allen’s article in the JBS magazine (American Opinion) on the August 1965 Watts Riot – entitled “The Plan To Burn Los Angeles
  • Birch Society Comments About African American Civil Rights and Labor Leader A. Philip Randolph
FBI vs. JBS on Persons Whom JBS Claims Are “Experts” on Communism – includes discussion of former FBI Special Agents and FBI informants who endorsed the Birch Society and often were speakers under the auspices of the JBS Speakers Bureau – such as Dan Smoot, W. Cleon Skousen, Julia Brown and Lola Belle Holmes, plus material on David Gumaer, Matt Cvetic, and Karl Prussion
Same as above
Right-Wing Critics of
Robert Welch and the Birch Society
Documentary History of John Birch Society
NEW!  Documents generally not previously publicly available – including private correspondence between Robert Welch and JBS National Council members




I am a “conspiracy buff” and a freelance researcher. I am not connected to any organization.

My interest in this subject matter began in the early 1960’s. A relative of mine (who was a police officer) had a subscription to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin which I read regularly. Every issue had an “Introductory Message” authored by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

One day while reading one of Hoover’s messages, I noticed that he made a comment which flatly contradicted a statement which, coincidentally, had just been published in a letter-to-the-editor to my local newspaper. So I responded to that person’s letter. I quoted Hoover’s comment and I added some additional material from a recent report by the California Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities.

After my reply was published, I received several hostile anonymous phone calls and one individual (whom I later discovered was a John Birch Society member) replied in the form of a poem which was published in my local paper. One part of her poem inquired: “Is it just coincidence that Ernie’s words so arty, sound just like the Communist Party?”

I never understood (then or now) how quoting Hoover or our state un-American activities committee could put me in the company of the CPUSA --- and thus began my life-long interest in right-wing conspiracy theories and their adherents.

[12/31/09 Note: in recent messages posted on the JBS website, JBS members/supporters have deliberately mis-characterized this part of my explanation to mean that I have had a "40 year vendetta" against the JBS because I was “insulted” or my “feelings were hurt” or whatever.

As is typical of JBS members, they never bother to ask a question or seek clarification before resorting to an ad hominem attack upon the character or integrity of their perceived critic. The REALITY as I clearly stated here was that I could not INTELLECTUALLY understand how someone could link me to communism by my use of quotations from such indisputable anti-communist sources such as J. Edgar Hoover/FBI or our California Senate Subcommittee on Un-American Activities --- both of which the JBS had effusively praised as entirely reliable sources.

So to any Bircher reading this: It is NOT a "vendetta" nor were my feelings hurt as a teenager when all this began. I simply became fascinated by the MENTAL gymnastics revealed by the type of comment in the poem that I mentioned – and I then became fascinated by right-wing conspiracy narratives. AND: Nothing has changed during the past 40+ years...Birchers still malign their critics and fabricate lies about their character!]

For more than 29 years I have been acquiring FBI (and other agency) files and documents via Freedom of Information Act requests. Of particular interest to me have been those persons and organizations who espouse a conspiracy explanation of current events and past historical developments---such as the John Birch Society.

As I learned more about the intellectual history of right-wing conspiracy arguments, it became apparent that I would need to pursue research on more than 2000 persons, organizations, publications, and controversies.

Altogether, I have received about 400,000 pages of documents and quite often I have been the first person to request and receive these files and documents. (As of March 2007, the FBI informed me that I had submitted approximately 8900 FOIA requests during the preceding 28 years). Ultimately, I hope to compile an "Encyclopedia and Research Guide on the Extreme Right in the U.S. Since the 1920's".

The John Birch Society was founded in December 1958 by Robert Welch. Arguably, it has been the best organized, best-financed and most successful right-wing conspiracy organization in modern times.

Many JBS members and sympathizers have stated that former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was our nation's most knowledgeable, reliable, and authoritative expert on the communist movement. See, for example, the Birch Society's October 1966 American Opinion magazine article entitled "The Wisdom and Warning of J. Edgar Hoover."

Until relatively recently, however, no one had pursued FOIA requests to the FBI to determine the FBI's evaluation of the Birch Society's premises, arguments, and conclusions --- particularly with respect to those persons and organizations which the Birch Society has characterized in highly derogatory terms such as “communist”, “pro-communist”, “communist sympathizer”, “communist agent” “subversive”, “un-American” or “traitor”.

Thus, I always thought my research would be welcomed by JBS members and their supporters because it would serve as a “reality check”– i.e. allow them to ascertain to what degree their conclusions conform to judgments made by the person (Hoover) and institution (FBI) that they have so highly recommended for decades!

In addition, since the JBS claims to be an “educational organization” and “an army fighting with facts” – one would think that having access to new data released for the first time, as a consequence of my FOIA requests would be eagerly welcomed….but nothing could be further from reality!

I am the first person to request and receive the entire FBI headquarters main file on the JBS (HQ file #62-104401 in 60 sections = 12,000 pages). I also am the first person to receive most of the FBI field office files on the JBS and those files are often hundreds or thousands of additional pages. Of particular interest are the Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles field office files. I also requested and received numerous files/documents pertaining to people and organizations associated with, or recommended by, the Birch Society in its literature. This includes documents/files on FBI informants within the CPUSA who later became paid speakers for the JBS.

In addition, I also have acquired numerous FBI files and documents pertaining to the Communist Party—USA, plus numerous organizations characterized by the Birch Society in very derogatory terms such as:

American Association for the United Nations, American Civil Liberties Union, Americans For Democratic Action, American Friends Service Committee, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Council on Foreign Relations, CORE, Foreign Policy Association, Highlander Folk School, League of Women Voters, NAACP, National Committee For A Sane Nuclear Policy, National Council of Churches, National Education Association, National Student Association, National Urban League, United World Federalists, UNESCO, UNICEF.

During the past few years I have made a special effort to obtain CPUSA-related files in order to determine whether or not the claims made by the John Birch Society regarding CPUSA interest in, or fear of, the JBS were justified by available evidence in FBI documents.

Significantly, when I bring the attention of JBS members and sympathizers to what I have discovered in FBI files and documents they never ask me questions about the content of those files and documents. They never ask me how they might go about obtaining copies to check for themselves. They never offer alternative interpretations nor do they attempt to refute anything shown in the FBI documents cited in my JBS Report (see links below). Instead, JBS partisans usually immediately engage in hostile and abusive attacks upon my character, integrity, and patriotism ---even though they don't know a thing about me!

Oddly, many Birchers think that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI was (to quote John Perna, a South Carolina JBS Chapter Leader) "a great friend" of the Birch Society. Some Birchers even go so far as to claim that JBS members had been "FBI employees" during Hoover's tenure...which is false—according to J. Edgar Hoover!

On November 18, 1964 J. Edgar Hoover held a very unusual 3-hour press conference. It was devoted, primarily, to discussing the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy---which had just been released. During this press conference Hoover also discussed the murders of civil rights workers in the south, gun control legislation, and other subjects.

It was during this press conference that Hoover made his now famous comment about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being "the most notorious liar in the country." See for example, “HOOVER ASSAILS WARREN FINDINGS” by Ben A. Franklin...New York Times, Nov 19, 1964; pg. 1.

It was also during this press conference that Hoover was asked his opinion about JBS founder, Robert Welch. Hoover's remarks about Welch often were not included in newspaper reports because editors preferred to focus on Hoover’s controversial Warren Commission and MLK Jr. comments.

However, FBI Associate Director Clyde Tolson correctly recognized the impact that Hoover's caustic comments about Welch would have and Tolson wrote a memo to Hoover to suggest standard wording for replies to the anticipated deluge of inquiries which he anticipated that the Bureau would probably receive (and which it did receive).

Hoover approved the recommended wording (See his handwritten "Yes" and his initial on memo at top of this page).

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